Imagine that colors are like a big box of crayons. Each crayon in the box has a special name like "red," "orange," "yellow," "green," "blue," "purple," and many more. These names tell us what type of color each crayon is, just like names tell us the flavors of different candies or fruits.

Now, when we talk about "hue," we're talking about that special name of each crayon. Hue is just a fancy word for the name of a color. So, when we say "red" or "blue," we are talking about the hue of the color.

But here's the fun part! Imagine you could mix two crayons together. If you mix the "red" crayon with the "yellow" crayon, you get a new crayon called "orange." When you mix colors together to create new colors, you're playing with the magic of hue!

So, hue is like the name tag for each color in the crayon box, and when we mix colors, we can create even more exciting hues to use in our drawings, paintings, and coloring adventures! Just like a master chef mixes different ingredients to create delicious recipes, artists mix different hues to create beautiful artworks. It's like having a never-ending box of magical color possibilities!