Imagine you have a magical light switch that can make colors brighter or darker, just like the light in your room. Turning the light switch up makes the room brighter, and turning it down makes the room darker.

Now, let's talk about colors! Every color is like a special light in your box of crayons. When you draw with a crayon, you're using the color's light to make your pictures.

Brightness, or value, is like that magical light switch for colors. It helps you control how bright or dark a color is in your drawings. When you use a color with high brightness, it's like turning the magical light switch up, and the color becomes very bright and light, just like when your room is full of sunlight.

On the other hand, when you use a color with low brightness, it's like turning the magical light switch down, and the color becomes darker, like when the room is dim and cozy with just a little bit of light.

So, with brightness, you get to decide how much light each color brings to your drawings. You can make some parts of your pictures super bright and eye-catching, and other parts can be more mysterious and calming with darker colors.

Just like you can turn the light on or off in your room, you can use brightness to create different moods and feelings in your art. You're the artist, and with your magical light switch for colors, you can make your drawings shine with brightness or have a soft and gentle glow—it's all up to you and your colorful imagination!