Imagine you have three magical pirate treasure chests, each filled with special colored gems. One chest has red gems, another has green gems, and the third has blue gems. These three chests together are called the RGB treasure chests!

Now, when we want to make a new color, we can use these colored gems from the chests. If we use only the red gems, we get the color red, like a bright red pirate flag flappin' in the wind.

If we use only the green gems, we get the color green, just like the leaves on a swaying palm tree.

And if we use only the blue gems, we get the color blue, as blue as the endless sea we sail on.

But the real magic happens when we start mixin' these colored gems! Let's say we take some red gems and some green gems and mix 'em together. What do we get? We get the color yellow, like the sun smilin' down on us!

Now, let's try somethin' else. If we mix the green gems with the blue gems, we get the color cyan, as cool as the water splashing around our ship.

Lastly, if we mix the red gems with the blue gems, we get the color purple, like a royal pirate's cloak.

And here's the most amazin' part, me hearty! If we mix all the colored gems from each chest together—red, green, and blue—we get the brightest and most magical treasure of them all: the color white, like the glow of the moonlight on the ocean.

So, remember, with the power of the RGB treasure chests, we can create a whole world of colors, each as special and unique as a pirate's adventure! Now, let's set sail and paint the seas with our colorful imagination! Yo-ho-ho! 🏴‍☠️🎨🌈